Mac Installation Instructions

Step 1

To begin, click on Safari, then go to

Step 2

Enter your User Name and Password, then click Log On (your 3/4 ID will be in the following format: XNV1234).

Step 3

If you see this error message after attempting to log on with your correct 3/4 and password, contact the Service Desk at (804) 549-5900 and ask them to give you access.

Step 4

Once you've logged on, please take a moment to read our new Security Enhancements, then click Continue to begin setting up four Security Questions.

Step 5

Select and answer four Security Questions (avoid using symbols in any of your answers). If you're not using a public computer, select Yes to have your PC remember your answers. Click Continue to proceed.

Step 6

Verify that your questions and answers are correct, then click Finish to proceed (Click Update your Settings if you need to correct an answer).

Step 7

Click Download to begin the installation.

Step 8

After the file download completes, double-click the Citrix online plug-in (web).dmg file to continue.

Step 9

Double-click on Install Citrix Online Plug-in.pkg to continue.

Step 10

Click Continue.

Step 11

Please feel free to Print or Save the Citrix License Agreement, then click Continue.

Step 12

Please click Agree to continue.

Step 13

Select the destination where you wish to install the Citrix Online Plug-in, then click Continue.

Step 14

Click Install to continue.

Step 15

Enter your Mac User Name and Password and click OK.

Step 16

After the installation completes, you will receive a confirmation message. Click Close.

Step 17

Your hCare Access Workstation will launch automatically.

Step 18

To learn more about using your hCare Access Workstation, click here.